Ride Safe!

Group Riding

The purpose of riding in an organized group instead of an undisciplined pack is to provide the additional safety that a well-organized group inherently generates.

This comes from within the group and from the outside. When a group rides in an orderly fashion, people don’t get in each others way, and the organization of the formation itself discourages cars from attempting to cut in. I have even seen trucks move to the far side of their lane to minimize wind blast when they see a well-ordered formation “single up” and move as far away from the truck as their lane allows.

Once riding rules have been adopted by a club, EVERYONE Riding with the SCRC is expected to follow them. Anyone violating the rules, and compromising everyone else’s safety, will be warned, and if their actions continue, will no longer be welcome to ride with the club.

Riding Guidelines and hand signals
Please read the complete information posted on our national website.
printable version: scrc-riding-guidelines

New Members Ride -What is the “New Riders/New to Group Riding” Ride?

It’s a chance for the newer or returning rider to take a nice ride with several of our road captains on route that we know well. It’s a shorter than usual route, but it’s a nice ride!
It’s a leisurely ride with plenty of time at lunch and after the ride to ask questions and a great way to start riding with a group. This ride is just for you – there’s no pressure to keep up with a large group, no real schedule or time table of stops, and less daunting than taking off with a group of 50 or more bikes (even though we break into groups of 10 or so for chapter rides).
We strongly encourage new and returning riders to join us for a couple of these before making a chapter ride.
Before the ride, please read our road rules and understand the staggered formation, 1 and 2 second rule, and hand signals.
New Riders rides are scheduled monthly, please visit our forum for details on dates/times. In case of questionable weather, please check the forum or your e-mail before heading out in the morning.
Please get there a little early if you want to eat. We’ll spend 30 minutes going over the riding rules and having some Q & A before we take off. The route is around 100 miles, with lunch at the conclusion back in Conroe. At lunch we can continue to discuss group riding and address any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
To sign up, please visit our forum for instructions and more information on time & location.

Please read the information below, and at the very least, understand the recommended spacing, and hand signals.

>SCRC Riding Guidelines
Please read the complete information posted on our national website.
printable version: scrc-riding-guidelines